Tuesday, April 03, 1990

Sunday, April 01, 1990

Top 11 Indications That You Need to Get a Life

11. You fixate on opinion polls.

10. You need a sherpa to scale the butt crease in your barca-lounger.

9. You routinely search for "kool aid poop" on google.

8. Your name rhymes with "Feff Jecke."

7. On your blog, you post a weekly review / recap of American Idol.

6. You think that a fictional film based on a fictional novel is somehow a threat to your faith.

5. You tend to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince people that hockey is a superior sport.

4. You tend to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince yourself that a quarterback who has won 3 MVP honors, a Super Bowl ring and has shattered, or is near breaking, just about every major record for his position, sucks.

3. You pour a lot of energy into a blog that nobody reads, castigating some public transit idea that nobody's heard of.

2. You have writen more letters to the editor than you have to your family and friends.

1. You just wasted a half-hour (or more) of your life decoding clues (a gimick that's hardly original, BTW) on a dumb blog that overuses the word "poop" to discover an only mildly amusing, but meaningless, top 11 list.


I'm sorry. that was mean. Here's your real reward:

A dramatic reading of a classic Beatles song by Bobo.

Wow! You real smrt smart!