Friday, November 26, 2004

Blogger Cannot Escape Star Tribune Editorial-Page Stupidity-Even While In Iowa

So I'm here in Iowa, slipping in and out of yesterday's tripthophane (or however it's spelled) induced coma, when I crack open the Des Moines Register and see this editorial cartoon from the Trib's Steve Sack.

I am really tired of liberals chastising Bush for appointing cabinet members who agree with him. Imagine you have been put in charge of a swanky Italian restaurant. Would you hire a bunch of illiterate morons who think it should be run like a bait shop? I didn't think so.

Dear libs: you are in the minority. Deal with it.

Closed circuit to V-Toed-Bill: You're halfway there. A fine job considering that the reward for this challenge ain't $1,000,000 in bearer bonds, or even a year's supply of beer nuts. But you're doing a fine job of transcending the post holiday ennui.

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