Monday, November 29, 2004

Dear Bush Voter: You Are STILL a Moron

We are three weeks past the election. Yet there are still KADs descending from the mountaintops to tell us how stupid we are. This letter to the editor from a guy named "Fernando" appeared in today's Strib (my comments are in brackets):

Uninformed electorate
The last election was exemplary.
[Yes. It was.] There was a record number of voters, there were no major irregularities or difficulties, and voters were able to get good information about the process and the issues at hand. [Dear KAR readers: remember that last remark about voters being able to get good information about the issues.]

Yet 70 percent of the voters for President Bush thought that there were WMD in Iraq. [Did you remember that remark about voters being able to get information? And about those WMDs: Just because we haven't found WMDs does not mean they are not there. Tell you what, Mr. Smarty Pants - I'll bury a gallon jug of purple Kool-aid somewhere in Minnesota. If you find it, I'll concede your point.] And when they had the choice between well-defined, important subjects like the war in Iraq, terrorism, the budget deficit, Social Security, education [infanticide] and health care, 20 percent of all voters decided the most important was "moral values," a vague, poorly defined idea. [First, if 20% voted "moral values", 80% voted based on something else. Second, the voters polled were answering a vague, poorly defined poll question. Nineteen per cent of voters polled said they based their decisions on the "economy" - a vague, poorly defined idea. Third, STOP CALLING US STUPID BECAUSE WE CHOSE NOT TO VOTE FOR AN APPEASEMENT-PRONE SOCIALIST!!!!!]
Democracy is, by definition, government by the people. And, based on this election, we have a well-defined democracy. [Talk about vague, poorly defined ideas. It's three weeks after the election; Don't you have anything else to think about?]
But democracy does not mean government by intelligent people.
[Only so long as you are allowed to vote, you dingleberry.] Our country is a democracy. But is it a country of intelligent people? [Perhaps you should move some place where your superior intellect will be appreciated, 'Nando. How about Cuba?]

Fernando "A Vague, Poorly Defined Guy" Torres, Edina.

Reading arrogant, elitist crap like this makes me want to poop.

I will paraphrase ABBA to express my feelings about this election and your letter, Fernando:

There was something in the air [election] night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though [you] never thought that [you] could lose
There’s no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

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