Monday, November 22, 2004

Fallujah Reporting MIA

The hard fought urban battle that the MSM was hoping for in Fallujah did not happen, so it is on to bigger and better things like basketball players getting into fights with the fans who have paid to see them. Fallujah fell to our valiant Marines in so little time, and with so few casualties for an operation of this magnitude, that MSM coverage evaporated almost as quickly as that of Saddam Husseins capture. They missed, or intentionally overlooked, the real story of the Fallujah campaign which is the deprivation of one more sanctuary for the terrorists who oppose a democratic Iraq, and the sinister things that our troops are finding as they make their way through the newly liberated city. I am continually dumbfounded by those who stubbornly maintain that we are in the 'wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place', even in the face of some of the evil munitions and torture dens we are uncovering everyday in Iraq. The pace of these discoveries has quickened now that Fallujah is no longer a haven for these monsters, and some of the things we are finding ought to scare the hell out of any intellectually honest person, whether they be a proponent or critic of the war. Powerline has a post with some more specifics.

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