Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be spending most of the holiday weekend in Iowa (Motto: Come for the Corn. Stay for the Ennui!"). As I am unsure that the internet has made it to the Hawkeye State, I will not be posting untl Sunday at the earliest. In my absence, V-Toed Bill will pick up the mantle and post even more of his quality takes on liberal stupidity. In adition, I challenge Bill to incorporate the following words and phrases into his weekend posts. If he does so he will qualify for the title of the Bloggiest Blogger that Ever Blogged. (Note to V-Toed Bill: Please highlight these words in italic or a different color so that I can easily verify your compliance):

"Beer nuts"
"My butt hurts"
"Bearer bonds"

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Until next week, I offer y'all the Official Thanksgiving Turkey of the Kool Aid Report:

HA HA! No. Sorry about that. Bad Joke. Here's the Turkey:

Whoops. Wrong file. OK got it now. Here is the Official Thanksgiving Turkey of the Kool Aid Report:


(Tip o' the Kool Aid Cup to J-Walk Blog for the turkey pic)

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