Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hollywood Left Truly Hates This Country

I am sitting here listening to a replay of a Sean Hannity interview with Janeanne Garofalo and I cannot help but come to a conclusion about her and her brethren in the 'Entertainment Community': Garofalo actually hates America the way it is currently constituted. Now these people will tell you that their opposition to the current administration is the epitome of patriotism, and far be it from me to suggest that dissent ought to be construed as unpatriotic. But for Garofalo and so many like her, it goes much, much deeper. At every opportunity in the course of this interview for Garofalo to offer that even one thing the U.S. has done since 9-11 in the general war on terror has been beneficial, she has taken the opposite tack. To Hannity's suggestion for example that women in Afghanistan were now better off than they were under the Taliban, Garofalo actually opines that they are worse off, and hints that at least under Taliban rule, they knew where they stood. This is to somehow suggest that because they are now grappling with new freedoms and the bewildering choices and responsibilities those feedoms bring, they are in a more perilous position. Of course, this is a ridiculous position for Garofalo to take, and it must be physically painful for her to be so contrary just for the sake of being contrary. I do not know a whole lot about Garofalo's postion on women's rights, but I would imagine she would align herself more often with Gloria Steinam than Dr. Laura. Her answer to Hannity's question about women in Iraq is just as disjointed when she says that Iraq was not an Islamic fundamentalist state so women there were just fine before the invasion. Yes, just fine. Udday and Qusay Hussein provided a veritable 'Club Med' for women in Iraq. In short, Garofalo will say anything to support a position in opposition to whatever good America is accomplishing by removing repressive regimes and havens for terrorists. This is not mere intellectual dishonesty. It is a deep seated hatred for an America that acts unilaterally to not only protect itself, but also to bring about militarily and diplomatically a world in which America can thrive and be safe. And then there is the pretensiousness and vanity of Garofalo and so many of her crowd. She said in a 2003 interview that "There is no way any rational, resonable person can say the Bush Administration has been good for America." Given the election results, Garofalo is saying that 53% of us, or all you idiots who voted for Bush, are unreasonable and irrational. It must be horrible for Garofalo and her gang to live in a country with such relative mental midgets.

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