Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's Evident Already: The Left is going Left'er

We had a national election on Tuesday. It is now Saturday, and a victory for the president that looked substantial on Wednesday now looks even more overwhelming by week's end. Margins in Ohio and nationwide have widened, and it looks as if it was never really as close as we were led to believe by all of those who should know better. Indeed, President Bush is already talking about investing some of the "political capital" he earned, and the "M" word has been tossed about frequently by pundits and supporters alike. One would think that a party defeated so thoroughly might begin a period of introspection and reflection, taking stock of itself and attempting to clean house. One would think. I am happy to observe that it seems the exact opposite is happening. Happy because it means that there will probably be no serious challenges to Republican majorities in either the House or Senate, or a Democrat in the Oval Office for the foreseeable future. That South Dakotans sent Tom Daschel back home, to obstruct no more, should have been among the loudest of a collection of klaxons, warning Democrats that they have embarked upon a dead-end path in their sojourn to regain power. But as Zell Miller reminded us all at the Republican convention in August, they hear not. I am already reading columns from the usual suspects (see Molly Ivins latest) that are imploring readers to get even angrier, and to make sure the same America-bashing, U.N. centric message they've been advancing for the last 12 years is vocalized with more intensity and shrillness the next time they get to present their case to the electorate. They're going left'er, if that's possible. It's O.K. with me. Keep yelling! America needs to hear you loud and clear.

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