Thursday, November 11, 2004

KAD's, KAM's and Hollywood

My colleague LearnedFoot came up with an apt acronym in a previous post. He described Kool Aid Drinkers, like Barbara Streisand, as KAD's. Since the inception of this forum, I have been struck by a thought relating to our blog's title. They can't all be KAD's. Someone has to serve it up. Therefore, I would like to introduce another acronym, KAM (Kool Aid Mixer), and give some examples of how KAD's and KAM's are distinguished from one another. Take Michael Moore, please! (sorry Henny); major KAM. Moore knows the garbage he grinds out is all lies. He counts on the ignorance and stupidity of his target audience, KAD's, to keep selling it. "It was in a movie, so it must be true!" MM has made a ton of money because of willing and thirsty KAD's. Let's go to another Hollywood example; Sean Penn. KAM? Nope. Penn (AKA Jeff Spicoli) is a classic KAD. You have to be a critical thinker to be a KAM, and it is my impression that Penn has all the intellectual dexterity of a small kitchen appliance. Anyone who would believe a word Saddam Hussein told him (Penn visited Hussein just before our invasion) drinks it by the gallon. How about his ex Madonna? KAM. Madonna is smart, and I think she is of the mind that it is en vogue to be a KAM right now, helping to shape opinion. This is a giveaway trait of KAM's, and one reason so many of them are found in Hollywood. Madonna has been reinventing herself for twenty years and her current left-leaning views are just a business decision. More KAM's: Rob Reiner; Robert Altman. More KAD's: Susan Sarandon; Leonardo DiCaprio. This is just a guide, so let me know if you think I'm off base. Try to figure out some more examples in other milieus, like sports or politics (a target rich environment). It's fun!

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