Monday, November 15, 2004

KAR Sports Wrap

The Pack once again beat the hated Vikings on Sunday 34 - 31. One major reason for the Vike's defeat was the woeful play, for the 2nd week in a row, by left offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie. Packers defensive end Kabeer (I can't spell the rest of his name) beat McKinnie like a rented Viking all day. It is clear that McKinnie needs to be replaced.

If the Vikes are at all concerned with the health of their all-pro QB Daunte Culpepper, they must hit the free agent market immediately to find a new lineman to protect his blind side. They need a big, beefy 300-plus pounder, with a thick skull to withstand all those head slaps. This new tackle needs to be big, ugly and mean with a knack for spewing the ugliest, basest trash talk toward the opponent.

Hey! I know who they can get:

Molly Ivins for Left Tackle!

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Anonymous said...

Gahh! I don't like that picture!