Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Let's Put This "Bush Won on Moral Values" Crap to Rest, Shall We?

A bunch of single-chromasome liberals in the blue states (well, blue counties actually) are now talking about seceding from the union. The common refrain from these KADs is that Red America is a comprised of knuckle-dragging God-people hellbent on cramming evangelical Christianity down everyone's throats. They cite some polls taken on election day that stated that a plurality of the electorate based their votes on "moral values". No specific moral value was named but it has been declared by people who think that they are smarter than me that the single deciding one was gay marriage. They base this thesis on the results of some 11 ballot initiatives around the country that effectively banned the practice (conveniently ignoring that Blue Michigan and Bluer than Blue Oregon also passed such measures). This is a complete crock of shit. I will do the math while you grab a beer, Blue (tip o' the hat to dumbass KAD of the week Nick Coleman):

58,000,000 voted for Bush.

According to the poll mentioned above, 22% based their vote on "moral values" (as if this were the single deciding factor for each and every vote. I'll go with it.).

That's 12,760,000 total moral values votes.

Bush took 81% of this bloc: 10,335,600 moral votes for Bush.

What did the other 48,000,000 Bush voters base their choice on?

Maybe it was that the economy wasn't in shambles. Democrats harped on the talking point that this was the worst economy since Herbert Hoover. Translation: DENY YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE WHILE WE INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE.

Maybe it was a confidence that this president will try to kill the bad guys rather than try to understand them.

Maybe they saw that this president knows what the word "sovereignty" means.

Maybe they saw the inevitability of the situation in Iraq and admired the man that actually had the Big Brass Ones to do something about it.

Maybe they were sick and tired of people from faraway places, who consider themselves "intellectuals" calling them "stupid".

Speaking of stupid...

Go ahead and secede Blue America. It's just too bad for you that the food is grown here in Red America. We own more guns too.

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