Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Liberalism: Mental Illness or Death Cult?

In the days following this past election, there appeared in the media several reports of Kerry supporters seeking mental help for some malady known as Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST). (See stories here or here). According to the WorldNetDaily story, symptoms of PEST include: "feelings of withdrawal, feelings of isolation, emotional anger and bitterness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, nightmares, pervasive moodiness including endless sulking, and being excessively worried about the direction of the country." And the shrinks are serious about this. In a news piece yesterday, some "serious" clinical psychiatrists blasted Rush Limbaugh for mocking this disorder.

I recall some local (Twin Cities) TV news coverage a few weeks ago, commemorating the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone. They interviewed some lady who remarked that she was taken by the late Senator because he "gave me hope".

Flashback 2 years to the week following Wellstone death. The day his plane went down, an "impromptu" memorial service formed on the state capitol steps. All sorts of people crawled out of the woodwork, offering prayers from their various religions in their various native tongues. Many were crying and, I would hazard to guess, most of them had never met Wellstone.

I know people who haven't cried when a member of their own family had died, let alone when a third rate senator from an average-sized midwestern state did.

Recall the official Wellstone memorial at Williams Arena: wild-eyed speakers imploring conservatives to abandon their values; Republicans being booed when their images appeared on the Jumbo-tron; more crying by people who never met the deceased.

Don't get me wrong: I'm sure Wellstone was a fine man - when he wasn't trying to turn this country into Cuba.

Back to the present: Bush wins the election despite the sheer girth of a number of loud and powerful (and well financed) forces arrayed against him; the liberal conehead opinion press becomes even more unhinged; and now we have a bunch of weak-minded people who are feeling the dismal half of bi-polar disorder because of the results of one damn election.

I think I get it now. These people think that government is not merely an instumentality for mutual defense and the Common Good. It is not merely a means to someone's idea of Utopia.

To them, government is personal salvation.

If Bush had lost, I am confident that conservatives would be angry or disappointed for about a day. We then would go back to our lives unconcerned with the daily machinations of government (except for matters of national security; and on April 15th). We would go to work, watch football on weekends and engage in our pasttimes. Our children would still be as cute and well behaved on November 3rd as they were on November 2nd. Golf would still be a maddening and addictive hobby, and pizza would taste just as good under either Kerry or Bush.

But not for these people.

Peolple that mourn the loss of an inconsequential senator as though he were a dear friend because he gave them "hope" have something seriously missing in their lives. People who descend into the depths of dispair beacuse their liberal Guru of the Election Cycle is repudiated by the electorate possess a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of government; of life itself.

Liberal policies such as the War on Poverty and appeasement are proven failures. But these moribund KADs insist that they are the sole occupiers of the Moral High Ground by virtue of whom they wish to install into the Great God of Government to perpeuate these failures. French-style socialism? Produced double-digit unemployment. Canadian style health care? It's free - if you live long enough to actually see a doctor. But it doesn't matter how ineffective or damaging these ideas are - they are the moral things to do according to liberal orthodoxy. While conservatives understand the concept of charity, liberals redefine it to fit their new religion (see the much talked about State Generosity Rankings - no Blue States reside anywhere near the top). Conservatives understand that Charity entails the subrogation of the self for the greater good by virtue of one's own volition. Liberals prefer the less expensive route of subrogating others to the greater good (as they see it) by force of compulsion via the electoral franchise - or the courts. For these liberals, they tithe with their votes. And to them it is a worthy tithe. After all, they are the self proclaimed intellectuals, smarter than the unwashed masses, who quitclaimed that moral high ground to themselves. The arbiters of all that is Good and Moral.

Whether they know it or not, the fugue they are now experiencing is due to their own impotent rage - an inability to declare for the whole country to hear: "How dare you reject our generosity! How dare you ignore our wisdom!"

Their world view and purported wisdom were not validated by the electorate. They took it personally. It was a blow of epic proportions to their egos. All that is left for them is to slink into depression and castigate the heretics and disbelievers as stupid, misguided heathens. The great purveyors of "hope" are defeated. All that is left is hopelessness. (No pun intended.)

So to all you folks who think that some public servant can offer you hope; to all you KADs who think that salvation lies not in what you do, but for whom you vote, before you reach for your meds, I offer you this one precious piece of advice:

Get a life.

Note: I understand that this post did not deliver the humor that its title promised. To those who expeted a good laugh, I appologize. I promise that tomorrow I will return to making fat jokes about Molly Ivins, and to calling Paul Krugman a "big, hairy booger".

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