Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Matthews' Reaction to Combat Situation Telling

Does anyone else find it fascinating that a media which aided the presidential prospects of a self-admitted war criminal can do a 180 degree turn when presented with an opportunity to stick it to the military? Our Marines in Iraq have been busy for eight days clearing out a rat's nest of terrorists (NOT insurgents - which is a euphemism the media uses to lend moral equivalency to them), taking fire at nearly every turn. This is a job that we here at home in the good old USA cannot even begin to comprehend for its brutality, grueling schedule, mental and physical taxation, and overall level of danger to one's well-being. Most Americans are extremely grateful that we can produce people of the caliber necessary to meet the demands of combat, and who do it willingly, knowing they are serving a greater good. Most Americans. Don't count Chris Matthews of MSNBC among most Americans. Matthews thinks that the terrorist shot by a Marine this weekend as the Marines were checking a building for enemy combatants was "not really a bad guy, just a guy who disagrees with us..." Our Marines have been reporting incidents of terrorists booby-trapping bodies and "playing dead" to get a point-blank shot at our forces, and Matthews says they "are not really bad guys." These are the same people who have been sawing people's heads off for internet audiences around the world, and Matthews says they "just disagree with us." I would love to compare Matthews Sunday to that of the Marine now being persecuted in the main-stream-media. Matthews probably got up and had some latte' while reading the Sunday comics. He most likely took a limo ride to his studio for the Sunday show, and then was pampered in the style to which he has become accustomed. Meanwhile, this Marine is encountering a situation in which the wrong decision - which must be made in a split second - could very well mean his life, the life of his comrades, and the life of an embedded media reporter. This decision-making process has also been taking place for EIGHT STRAIGHT DAYS UNDER COMBAT CONDITIONS! Yet Matthews and his ilk know better. Matthews actually had the gall to suggest that if this man who was shot had been the one to do the shooting, and it was a Marine who was killed, that it would have been a war crime. His implication was clearly "if it's a crime for them to do it, why not for us?" They can play Monday-morning quarterback all they want. The benefit of any doubt I might have (and there is none) goes to the guy risking his life to protect me and the freedom of the press.

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: For another great take on this story check out this blog entry from a guy who has been there.

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