Thursday, November 11, 2004

Molly Ivins' Latest So Inane That Blogger Has Nothing Clever to Say About It

Sorry for the shrapnel postings. I'm trying to push Muckrake-uh's first post to the bottom of the page as quickly as possible.

I was going through Molly Ivins' latest column hoping to to do a hatchet job on it similar to the one I did on Nick Coleman's piece (of shit) last Sunday. Unfortunately, the only responses I could conjure to her inanities were: "huh?", "what planet are you on?" and "no really: WHAT FRICKING PLANET ARE YOU ON?!"

So instead, I'll go the juvenile route and make fun of her picture:

"Do you be tryin' to steal me Lucky Charms?"

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow: You're always a day awaaaaaaaaaay"

"Hey! Who stuck that Brillo Pad on my head?!"

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