Tuesday, November 23, 2004

News Headlines From The Year 2024

Let's peer into the Crystal Ball and look at some items in the news 20 years from now...

Foxes, Feral Dogs Overrun London; Scientists Stumped

France Declares War on Itself; Loses

Air America Radio Enters its 19th Year of Bankruptcy

Declaring "My Work Here is Done," George Soros Returns to His Home Planet

Uptown Resident Still Hasn't Taken Down His Wellstone Sign

Unemployment Hits 40% in United States of Canada; "Krugmanomics" Blamed

Ted Kennedy First in Line to Buy New Floating Car

Jesusland Offers $1 Trillion in Humanitarian Aid to United States of Canada

Israeli / Palestinian Conflict Ends: Palestinians Run Out of Explosives, People

Teresa Heinz Kerry Kennedy Feingold Dayton Obama Leahy Dodd Boxer Marries Senator

Michael Moore Becomes Only the Second Man-Made Object That Can Be Seen From Space

Maureen Dowd Caught in Rainshower; Melts

CBS News Ends 35 Year Drought by Reporting a Fact

Keith Richards Still Alive; Scientists Stumped

Feel free to add your own headlines in the comments section (Click the comments link on the BOTTOM of this post. Do NOT use the one on the top).


Anonymous said...

Buddy, take a spelling lesson. You only confirm what is know, you either have to be stupid or rich to be a republican. Dumb Ass!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous, don't you mean "you only confirm what is already KNOWN"? Also, my editor found no spelling errors.