Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Random Rants for a Slow News Day

Maybe its the Tylenol Sinus medicine, but nothing has enraged me today. Time for a Larry King-like "three dot" post:

Tom Brokaw lamented the Bush administration's treatment of New York Times reporters on Hardball (as reported by Drudge). In particular, he decried Bush's refusal to give NYT resident commie (well, one of several resident commies) Tom Friedman an in-depth interview.

Ya' know, if the NYT insinuated on a daily basis that I was a dangerous, semi-retarded redneck, I probably wouldn't talk to them either.

In his blog, David Horowitz is encouraging his readers to send hate-email to Al Franken. The Kool Aid Report endorses such initiative-taking and encourages our readers to surf over and lend a hand to this worthy effort. Click here to go directly to the post, with a handy link to submit your vitriol.
Bill O'Reilly has drunk the Kool-Aid. In his NY Daily News column this week, O'Reilly contends that Dan Rather got a bad rap. He claims that Rather's only sin in the Memogate scandal was not being skeptical enough. He then gives Dan a pass on even that, saying that story-vetting isn't an anchor's job. This view is mind-bogglingly off base on two counts: 1) Gunga Dan is the Editor in Chief of CBS news. With that title comes responsibility. To quote Hopper from A Bug's Life: "The first rule of management is: it's ALWAYS your fault"; 2) O'Reilly failed to notice that The Dan vetted the Swift Boat Vets story so well that it never made it to broadcast.
Take a look at all the KADs crying racism about the Chai Vang case on the Strib discussion board. You heard it here first. Drink the Kool-aid. Driiiiiiink the Koooooooooooool-aid...
Speaking of the Strib: an editorial in yesterday's edition featured the following assertion: "There is a lot wrong with an economy that can produce so much yet share it so badly."
Actually, many nations have tried to create an economy that shared better. The result was over 100 million dead people.
Finally, a tip o' the Kool-aid pitcher to V-Toed-Bill for his yeoman-like performance over the thanksgiving weekend, keeping the content fresh, meeting the daunting (and weird) challenge I threw before him and keeping the Kool-aid cold. Also for taking out my garbage.
For his next task, I would like to see The Toed-One (the Bloggiest Blogger That Ever Blogged) create a post without using the letter "e".

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