Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ukraine Election Declared Invalid

It looks like ballots cast in the recent election in the Ukrane have about as much validity as bearer bonds (done!) issued by the CSA. As this mess gets messier, look for my earlier prediction that the left in this country will use the situation to cast doubt on our own election results to gain validity. I can always count on the opinion page at the Minneapolis Star Tribune to give me plenty of ammo to back up my contention. Just yesterday, they printed this gem from one of their many 'informed and discerning' readers:
"It's interesting that the world considers the Ukraine elections to be suspicious and not up to democratic standards because the official count of votes showed a different "winner" than did the exit polls.
Hmmm. (Oh yeah, that "Hmmm" is really making us think. Something sinister is afoot!)
Republicans want us to believe that in recent U.S. elections, people who left the polls having voted for Republicans lied and told the exit pollsters that they voted for Democrats. (No, you mush brain, it has already been established that the early exit polls were conducted in such a manner as to obtain the result desired; most likey by Democrat operatives; and most likely for the express intent of affecting voter turnout later in the day to the advantage of John Kerry!)
Well there are a lot of us who don't buy that and who believe that, for the past four years, U.S. elections have not been democratic (because we have been losing, wahh, wahh..), and there's no reason to believe they will be in the future (because our party refuses to move away from the politics of the Great Society).
It's not just in the Ukraine that it isn't who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes. "(Oh yeah, I forgot about the law that was passed despite opposition by Democrats that Republicans are the official vote counters in the U.S. for all time, everlasting.)

So, there you have it. The Strib actually publishes a letter from a reader who thinks our election system is a total sham, and that it is controlled by Republicans. If that's the case, tell 'em to concentrate on Minnesota next time. We're desperate!

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