Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ukraine Mess Gives Left Fodder

It has already started. Last night as I was watching a local Twin Cities news broadcast I saw a report about the post-election situation in the Ukraine, and I was struck by one phrase in the report. The local news channel was airing a syndicated 'feed' about the story, so this was definitely a UPI, AP or similar national agency providing content. I was reading and watching, so I was not paying close enough attention to determine which outlet provided the story. But what got me paying closer attention was the following, and I paraphrase:

"There is no doubt that some corruption has taken place because exit polls clearly indicated a result opposite of what the returns showed."

Sound familiar? This was not someone commenting and offering opinion. This was the overaudio of the report as pictures of protesters were shown. I am just cynical enough to think that there are people on the left, who have not settled back into post-election ennui, who will use the Ukraine debacle to cast doubt once more on the outcome of our own election three weeks ago. Just cynical enough to think that some weasel editor chose those words very carefully. Too far-fetched? As I write this, there are still misguided souls who are attempting to fabricate a scandal out of the Ohio voting process. Can you imagine what would have happened if Sen. Kerry did not have the good sense to concede, but instead listened to advice that since the exit polls had him leading (and we now know why those polls had the outcome wrong) he should contest the election? If that imbroglio had transpired concurrent with the real cheating going on in the Ukraine, we would be looking at a wholesale melt-down of confidence in the integrity of the democratic process. The fact is that it appears there really was cheating in the Ukraine, and it should not surprise anyone that our MSM would try and use the situation to cast a shadow over the Bush win November 2.

NOTE: The emphasis I have put on certain words in this post is for the benefit of LearnedFoot, who has challenged me a couple posts down. Hope I have used everything in context so far!

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