Monday, November 22, 2004

UPDATE: Madison Lefty Talker Calls Condi Rice "Aunt Jemima"

Last week, I posted a small blurb about Madison, WI AM talk show host John Sylvester's racially, uh, insensitive remarks about Condi Rice. At the time I predicted that nothing would come of it because KADs cannot by nature of who they are (and what color Kool-aid they drink) be bigoted.

Well I was half-right.

To date, this douchebag (not to insult douchebags everywhere - I couldn't think of a better term for this guy) has not been pulled from the air, and no organized protests outide his studio have been reported. (Read the latest about this story here).


Some "Black Leaders" have come out to criticize this little worm. Let's play a game. See if you can notice which "civil rights" organization is missing from this list of Sylvester detractors:

  • The Urban League of Greater Madison
  • The Madison City Equal Opportunities Commission
  • The Madison Affirmative Action Office

Stumped? I'll give you a hint: This organization is Not for the Advancement of All Colored People.

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