Monday, November 08, 2004

A Watershed Cinematic Event

I never saw Farenheit 911. I didn't have to. The lead-up to the release, with all of the accompanying 'buzz' gave me a pretty good idea as to what the movie would be about. I needed to see this tripe about as much as I needed to watch 'Ishtar' again (though I walked out of that one approximately 32 seconds into it - it really 'grabbed me'). Among those in the circles I travel, I know of not one soul (and I've asked) who threw good money away to see this piece of garbage. That being said, I do think the movie deserves recognition for the impact it had on the election. It is my belief that Michael Moore's slimy swatch of celluloid (that may not even be the technology anymore, in fact I'm sure it's not, but I needed to make the alliteration work) helped to cement the reelection of President Bush. Now I am certainly not as schooled in polling as Zogby or Rasmussen, but by my count, almost all of those to whom I previously referred as having the good sense not to see Farentripe Lie 101 also said that the movie's mere existence helped 'seal the deal' for them with regard to their vote. That is, while I think they were most likely leaning toward a vote for Bush, it seems Barren Fright Whine One One gave them a cause to rally round. Without even seeing it. At the very least, it certainly helped to motivate the all important 'base' that seems to have turned out in record numbers. Now I will not go so far as to say that F911 (I can't think of anymore pseudonyms) absolutely got Bush a second term. That would be irony too sweet for words. I do think it helped. And it's doubly satisfying knowing that it may have done so without further lining the necessarily ample pockets of Michael Moore.

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How about FattyMike 911 Pounds