Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's All Bush's Fault

I take umbrage at Learned-Foot's (here-to-fore known as LF) insinuation that I am a skilled gift wrapper. I take great pains to make sure everyone knows a 'guy' wrapped the presents by messing up the corner folds or not getting the wrap tight enough. But I digress. Undoubtedly, everyone else has noticed the same thing I have lately if they are paying close attention to the editorial and opinion pages of their local papers. If something is screwed up, it's Bush's fault. It does not matter what it is: If it's broken, Bush broke it. I offer as evidence the current brew-ha-ha over fixing Social Security. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that the system has been under-funded for future recipients for many years now. From its inception, the program has been a grandiose ponzi scheme. It has just lasted a little longer than most because - with apologies to P.T. Barnum - there's one born every minute, and participation is mandatory. Anyway, the only person in the room who won't ignore the elephant is Bush, and for that, he is castigated. I read something the other day from a Star/Trib reader who opined that, and I paraphrase, "Bush has probably ruined the retirement plans of millions by messing with their safety net." As LF is fond of saying; where do I begin? I guess the first place to go would be to explain to this person that Bush has not even done anything yet. He has rightly proposed major changes to the system, but he has not done anything yet. How has he "messed with their safety net?" To point out to someone of this attitude that Bush is very likely the person who could save many people's hopes for retirement would be a waste of words. He or she is likely just now paying attention to the social security issue, ironically because Bush is proposing fixing it. And paying closer attention of late has caused them to learn, through osmosis or divine intervention, that social security is going broke. "Well, that must be Bush's fault! He's in office. He's an idiot. And I hate him. He must be at the bottom of this mess!" After all, if Bush is responsible for global warming, the worst economy since the Great Depression, war across the planet, famine and AIDS in Africa, illegal immigration, the disappearance of the rain forest, and athlete's foot, he must have wrecked social security as well. Does anyone else get the same cartoon bubble I do when reading opinion pieces from people like this? I see someone cowering in fear in the corner, peeking out every once in a while to ask if Bush is out of office yet. The sky is always falling in their world - and it's all Bush's fault!

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