Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nick Coleman's Mindless Rhetoric: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I fear that I may be in danger of becoming a one-trick pony.

But when you have the opportunity to shove someone's own uninformed arrogance back up his butt, you must seize it.

One of my first posts was a post-election harangue of Nick Coleman's post-election harangue. In his November 7th column (which, oddly enough is no longer in his column archive, despite the fact that much older ones remain), St. Nick offered this mind-bogglingly snide observation:

You sent me a ton of angry mail, Red; letters giving me "a one-fingered salute," telling me the '60s are over, that I should shut my cake-hole, and sending me a map of the country that seems overwhelmingly red. Until you study it closely while thinking about where you'd like to go on vacation someday. Do that and you discover that all the places you want to visit are blue.

I had quite a lot of fun with that quote. You know, picturing Ole' Baldy eschewing Hilton Head and Vail for vacation hot spots like Jersey City or Delaware.

So I couldn't help but laugh aloud when I read this today:

The 10 fastest-growing states - from No. 1 Nevada to No. 10 New Mexico - are all in the West and South. President Bush won nine of them in November's election. The exception was Delaware, ranked eighth. The Census Bureau classifies Delaware as a Southern state.

People may not want to vacation in Red America, but they sure as hell do want to live there.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Stick it, Nick.

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