Friday, December 31, 2004

Nick Gets a Pass; Irrational Peaceniks Do Not

Nick did not write an objectionable column today. Yet, he somehow has still managed to bring out the worst in me.

He is going to force me to speak ill, albeit somewhat tangentially, about the dead.

What a jerk.

Coleman writes about Mary Peek who died yesterday. Peek was a Democrat activist who was severely injured in 1970 by a bomb planted by a Black Panther.

Incidental side note: The Black Panther who was convicted of attempted murder for planting the bomb (and served a 3-year sentence) reportedly is now working for the Congressional Black Caucus. And Nick says the Powerline bloggers are extremists...

Incidental side note to incidental side note: The source of the information provided in that last paragraph is none other than Nick himself. So you should probably take it with a grain of salt, as Nick tends to have an infacility with things factual.

Back on task: The following passage near the end of the article practically leaped off the page and bit me on the nose (emphasis is mine):

"We have to do something about all the violence in the world," she told me when I saw her last. "When I think about the suffering I went through to get back to life, I think of that suffering multiplied by thousands. And I say, 'What are we doing about the absolute insanity of violence?'"

Today, the last day of this very bloody year, Mary Peek still asks, what are we doing?

"She carried her wounds to her death," said her son Tom. "But she lived her life in the belief that we have got to find another way to deal with things. And that takes real courage. My mother had that courage."


Two things occur to me when reading this: First, the utter simpletonesque stupidity of the belief in a World Without Violence; Second, the courage thing.

Violence-Free World. This is the typical liberal canard. This happy-smiley-face-Howdy-Doody-why-can't-we-just-hold-hands-and-be-friends-sunshine-and-lollipops-all-people-are-basically-good-all-we-need-to-do-is-sit-down-and-talk-over-a-nice-cup-of-latte strain of simple-minded BS ignores four basic, immutable truths of human existence:
1) Evil people exist;
2) Mentally deranged people exist;
3) Negotiating with evil or mentally deranged people rarely turns out well;
4) Often the most effective way to mitigate the harm done by evil and deranged people is to shoot them.
So perhaps, instead of perpetuating some so-called "cycle o' violence" - of which people of Peek's ilk would assign blame amongst all parties equally - those of us who don't fall into categories 1 or 2 listed above, should just lay down our arms and give the malefactors a big metaphorical hug. Oh wouldn't that be nice. They'll no longer be motivated to do us harm because we've stopped fighting back. Except for the fact that they are evil or deranged. By definition, they are motivated by greed, power, lust, hatred or malice, and the ends always justify the means. So once our peaceful backs are turned again, they will try to slaughter us. I have millions of dead Jews, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Cambodians, Russians, Congoese, Ugandans, Spaniards, Englishmen and Americans to back my argument. What do you have?

So there is "another way of dealing with things." Find a cure for evil. Unfortunately, the most effective cure we have at our disposal right now involves bullets.

LearnedFoot's Conscience: Aren't you being a little harsh?
LearnedFoot: Shut up! I'm on a roll.

Courage. A belief in finding an alternative to violence is not indicative of courage. If that were the case I would go on record right now proclaiming that I am against rape. That's right: I dream of a world where the crime of rape has been eliminated.

I will now wait while my readers swell the comments section to this post with plaudits for my incredibly courageous stand against rape.

I'm still waiting...

Nick Coleman has not yet called me for an interview, despite my outrageously courageous anti-rape stance. Maybe he doesn't have my number.