Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An Obligatory Shot at Those Democratic Underground F***ers

The Democratic Underground Homepage (DUH) is a rich source of material. The site features several discussion boards where KADs can post their inanities. Here is an illustration:

WiryArtFag: Is it okay to own a gun if you only use it to shoot f***ing repukes? [this is their clever jargon for "Republicans"] Im so f***ing sick of that nazi Bushwaztika I just wanna buy a f***ing gun and f***ing blow all those f***ing a******s to hell. They so f***ing stupid. Those f***ing jesusfreak a******s!!!!! Yeearrrrgh

TomHayden'sThong: Amerkkka's King George hegmeony globalization selected not elected Noam Chomsky capitalism sucks Halliburton. F***!

Ok, I made those up. The real posts on these discussion boards are much worse, and not censored. This is why it is official Kool Aid Report policy to never link to this site.

Anyhoo, here's a real post that appeared yesterday, edited for brevity:

Edited on Mon Dec-06-04 12:44 PM by Career Prole

***This coming Friday...December 10, 2004...I am beseeching you all to do absolutely nothing. I know it sounds like a lot of work on short notice with incredible logistical hurdles to overcome but it's absolutely imperative we have a large turnout for this. The biggest problem with activism in my experience is simply getting there. Many of us have beloved kids, beloved pets, or beloved whatevers we are reluctant to leave behind. Transportation is often a problem. You may have no vehicle or you're driving a nickel rocket you pray every day will make it through until tomorrow. Lodging at the protest site for many of us is out of the question. We can't really afford the rent at home. In essence, "in person" activism is priced out of our range. That's why I'm asking for your help not doing a damned thing this coming Friday. We can...every single one of us...accomplish nothing at all without a terrible strain on our pocketbooks.***

Here are some suggestions for some "damned things you shouldn't do" this Friday: The biggest sacrifice you should make is treat yourself to a three-day weekend. Don't work. Many DUers have been out of work for a heck of a lot longer than a day through no choice of their own and are surviving, so I want you to really look inside yourself and honestly assess your situation before saying you can't sit out a day. If you've had attendance problems and have been warned that you're skating on thin ice, skip this step. If, however, you're just trying to pick up that Perfect Attendance plaque keep your butt home. ***

Another thing I highly encourage not doing on "Don't Do A Damned Thing Day" is getting out and about if it's going to mean buying gas...because quite frankly you shouldn'y buy a damned thing Friday either. Don't buy gas. Don't buy groceries. Don't buy a Big Mac. Don't Christmas shop. You can do all this stuff Thursday or Saturday if necessary...but don't spend, don't consume...this Friday. Don't go to a movie, or even rent a movie. Go to the park or the beach or any other activity which doesn't require financial participation. You might find out you like it if you haven't done it in a while due to your unstintinting participation in the rat-race.The neocon machine runs on your money, and they are so confident that you will cheerfully hand them your money they already have this Friday's money spent. If you want them to see the power of 57,000,000 angry voters don't give them Friday's money! If each of us withheld just twenty bucks on Friday from whatever we'd planned to spend it on that's a billion dollar message in one day! ***

Time is of the essence. Tell every person you know to tell every person they know.Nothing would make me happier than to see this message show up in my e-mail inbox a couple of hundred times by Thursday.Please...it makes too much sense not to not do a damned thing.It's only one day...you can do it.

Wow! That'll really show us! There were several replies to this post saying things like "Finally, something I can do!" and, "That'll be no problem for me! I'm in!". (I'm not kidding I'll break protocol and provide a link to the thread here. But you've been warned!)

So a bunch of losers with minimum-wage jobs are going to bring their collective economic heft to bear on us. This must not go unanswered. I propose that all 10 KAR readers spend $20 more than usual this Friday. That ought to offset the DUH embargo by about double.

Oh, and one more thing:


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