Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...": A Drive Through the Twilight Zone Update

You will recall that in a previous post, I was perplexed by the abundance of campaign signs that still remain in the Prospect Park area of Minneapolis. It is truly amazing to me that these folks would be so distraught over election results that they would leave the signs up, a silent but graphic protest of the outcome. I do not see this phenomenon elsewhere in the Twin Cities metro.

I find this one, and the many just like it in the neighborhood, particularly disturbing. This bedraggled sentinel has been occupying the same spot since late summer 2002. This homeowner did not even go the extra mile and get one of the new signs that say "Remember Wellstone - Stand up and fight!" that I have seen (but alas, have no pictures of).
Here's one that at least touts a candidate from the last election, nearly TWO MONTHS AGO! The small sign to the left of it is hard to make out, but it says "Happy to pay more for a better Minnesota." It is interesting to note that these signs actually were not associated with a political campaign, but rather, appeared after Tim Pawlenty won the governor's seat in 2002. The signs were hastily manufactured when it become clear that Pawlenty was a tax reducer. These people are "happy" to pay more and more in taxes, and they want the world to know it. I think I'll go ring the bell and ask them if they can pay my tax bill this April.
Sorry for the lousy photograph. This one actually shows the trifecta of defeat: Wellstone, Kerry, and "Happy to Pay" signs all in one yard. This is the yard that I anticipate will soon be sporting a "Hillary!" (yes, they will make the exclamation point part of the logo, just like "Wellstone!") sign, and I bet that one won't come down ever again either. This is just a start. There are lots more yards with lots more signs. I'll keep you "posted."

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