Monday, January 03, 2005

The 2004 Kool Aid of the Year Award

It was not difficult for the crack staff here at the KAR to winnow through the entries to this, the inaugural installment, of the Kool Aid of the Year Award. The winner was as easy to pick as a Patrick Ramsey pass (unless you play in the Vikings secondary). A little background, just so you are clear as to what "Kool Aid" is in this context.

Kool Aid is a lefty-generated talking point that suddenly becomes ubiquitous in civic discourse as it is parroted by candidates, campaigners, talking-head pundits, editorial pages and rank-and file dumbasses who wrote reams of letters to newspapers (in lieu of doing something productive, one surmises). This particular particle of discourse becomes so pervasive and is so inane, yet is accepted at face value without investigation by the fellow travelers, that one can only say to one's self "Jeez! This Guy has really drunk the Kool Aid!"

There were some stand out nominees earlier in the year: calling Rummy, Cheney and others in the administration "chickenhawks" for seeing the need to turn Iraq into a parking lot, while never having served in the armed forces themselves; and the bizarre use of the phrase "jawbone the Saudis" to open the oil spigots.

But one flavor of Kool Aid stood out from the rest in its pervasiveness and, above all, its complete detachment from reality. This Kool Aid was so mind-bendingly awful, so easy to refute, yet so ubiquitous that if you only heard it twice in the span of a day, you must have been deaf, blind and living under a rock on a remote desert isle.

Yes this year's winner won in a hands-down rout. It wasn't even close. All you had to do to recognize that this little pearl was a talking point in the grand tradition of Herr Goebbels, was to have either paid attention in 6th-grade American history class, or to have a living grandparent over the age of 70. Yes, the 2004 Kool Aid of the Year Award goes to this sentence or one of the several billion variations of it....

"This is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover"
Ugh! I feel dirty having wrote that. Here, read this to flush that out of your system (Hat tip: Denbo).
Congratulations to this year's winner. See you next time!

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