Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogger beginning to go stir crazy

I officially have cabin fever. I don't know about anyone else, but I really am beginning to hate winter in this state. It wasn't always that way. Oh there was a time, back in the day as the kids say, when V-Toed-Bill would celebrate and embrace the dark season. I would ski, play hockey (outside, not in any fancy-shmancie arena), engage in spontaneous snowball fights, and generally enjoy the snow and ice from November until March. But no more. I dread the coming of winter, and even start to lament it's inevitable arrival at the Summer Solstice in June. The days begin getting shorter, and I know they will continue to do so until December, when we will be trapped in Old Man Winter's icy grip. I mean the Old Man Winter that you see in cartoon renderings every so often, with the parsed lips blowing a frigid blast of arctic air right at Minnesota. He hates this state!
True, the days do begin to get longer after December, but that realization brings little solace. The two main reasons for my hatred of winter are the fact that there is no way to play golf, and we have almost zero chance of getting a good old fashioned thunderstorm. I love golf and storms. I think I need both on a regular basis to survive, and if I am deprived of either for extended periods, it feels like the life-force is draining from me. It's either that or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). By the way, I am certain that the acronym SAD was one of those acronyms that was derived backwards, and I hate that too. I bet someone decided it would be good to have a syndrome that had a name befitting the ailment, and they came up with SAD, and then came up with words that would make the acronym work. Not like NASA, where they had National Aeronautics and Space Administration already, and that just happened to form a cool, word-like acronym. Do you see the stuff I think about while I'm stuck in Old Man Winter's Icy Grip? It's bleak out there. I have a golf calendar on my wall in the home office of KAR East (KAR West is LearnedFoot's house, just to my West), and the February header picture is a shot of a fairway at Madden's in Brainerd, with a light mist coming off of a lateral water hazard. Oh to be there right now, with a thunderstorm coming! Actually, that would be bad. Golf courses are generally no place to be during a thunderstorm. I wonder if my love of golf AND storms is somehow indicative of an internal psychological conflict. Do you see what Old Man Winter's Icy Grip can do to one's mind? I think I'll go to Barnes and Nobel and pick up a copy of the Idiot's Guide to Psychoanalysis.

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