Monday, January 17, 2005

A Call to Arms: Speaking Truth to Powerline

When I first aired my beef with Powerline, I thought I was the only soul aggrieved in such a manner among the burgeoning Minnesota blogosphere. As it turns out there are others.

In his post yesterday, Sisyphus at the Nihilist in Golf Pants Blog displayed a bitterness toward Powerline that could only have come from experiencing a similar slight. (Closed circuit to Sisyphus: cheers for the kind words; jeers for referring the worst readers in the blogosphere to our site.) My experience with Powerline is not an isolated incident. And indeed the malfeasance of Hindrocket et al. may run deeper than we thought.

As Sisyphus points out, the Mainstream Blogosphere (MSB) needs a watchdog every bit as much as the MSM does.

The Powerline bloggers are snubbing their hometown boys. And Deacon continues to write about English soccer with impunity. Their power must be reined in!

Join with the Kool Aid Report and Nihilist in Golf Pants to take back the blogosphere and fight the power(line). If you have any dirt on Powerline, please contact us here at the KAR or at NIGP. (I just realized why the Nihilist doesn't call himself "Nihilist In Golf Attire"). Together we can make a difference.

Powerline: we are at the castle gate! Your citidel of gravitas cannot protect you indefinitely!

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