Friday, January 28, 2005

Coleman: "Government Redistribution of Wealth By Means of Confiscation and Exercise of Control Over the Means of Production Is Not Socialism"

The difference between charity and government confiscation and redistribution of wealth continues to elude Our Favorite Columnist.

Often when one wants to fisk the hell out of twerps like OFC, one needs to dig through the moldy achives of the writer's past work to find ammunition and/or inconsistencies. Nick made the job easy today by including everything I need all in the same article - a eulogy of radical socialist priest John Ryan (emphasis mine):

Ryan also was a proponent of the right of labor unions to organize, and he pushed for cooperative relationships between labor and capital. He also advocated "distributive justice," by which wealth would not be concentrated in the hands of a few oligarchs but made available to all of society.

In this Christian nation today, wealth is being redistributed, all right. But it's moving up the food chain, not down. Ryan wouldn't like that...

Got that? OK. Then Coleman goes on to demonstrate that he doesn't own a dictionary, never cracked a history or economics book, and was not paying attention during the cold war:

But he was not a socialist or a radical.

And Marx was not a Marxist. Trotsky was not a trotskyite. Mao was not a Maoist.

So in this "distributive justice" paradigm, how exactly would "wealth" be "made avilable to all in society"?

Get back to me, Nick, once you've bought a dictionary, cracked a history or economics textbook, or remember the cold war.

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