Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Final Word on Ivins' Credibility

Molly Ivins is done. Or rather, she should be done.

Yes we're back to Molly Ivins' vacillating take on Social Security. Steve Gigl tracks a decade of Ivins' columns about Social Security and finds (gasp!) that her view of its stability changes with the political expediency of her Democrat masters. Steve's findings:
  • Social Security was just fine until 1999.
  • Starting in 1999, some "shoring up" and/or "changes" were required (but certainly not privatization).
  • By 2001 and through 2003, however, the problem had become "major."
  • But now suddenly she agrees with herself back in 1995.

Read the whole thing. It's beautiful.

And it's better than anything Power Line has done on the subject (and no, I will not link to them until they apologize).

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