Sunday, January 02, 2005

Irrational Peaceniks Get No Quarter, Part 2: Stupidity, Thy Name is Schwantes

If the quote I am about to excerpt for you were published three days earlier, it would have been the hands-down winner of the "Stupidest Quote of 2004 Award." (Second place: "Worst economy since Herbert Hoover"). If it were published 5 years and three days ago, it would have swept all categories of the "Stupidest Rhetoric of the Millenium Awards."

You are not going to believe this.

I'm serious: Duct-tape your head right now to keep it from exploding after the following "wisdom" from Fulda (MN) Free Press hack Irma Schwantes reaches your brain. (Funny, 'Schwantes' doesn't sound French...)

I'll just wait right here until you are finished duct-taping.

Ready? OK. Schwantes' column was excerpted in today's Strib. It reads thusly (emphasis is mine):

Will it ever be possible for leaders of nations to sit down together to discuss differences instead of shooting first and talking later?
It would be difficult if not impossible to plan to sit down over a cup of coffee for a peace talk with Osama bin Laden, since we don't know where he is.


Oh my god!


I am not making that up. Someone actually believes in peace talks with Osama bin Laden.


Ya know, it's too bad that when evil people, like the Islamofascits we are currently fighting, decide to slaughter innocent folks, they never take out people like Schwantes, whose tendency to try to "understand" cold blooded killers makes them, and us, more vulnerable.

Of course, if that were the case it, Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection would be proved conclusively enough to make it natural law.

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