Saturday, January 29, 2005

KAR devoted to Dayton's defeat

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads KAR that we will be cheering for whoever it is that runs as the Republican challenger to Mark Dayton for Minnesota's hostage senate seat. I would just like to formally announce this blog's intention to help that cause in any way we can. I was livid over Dayton's recent conduct during the confirmation hearings for Secretary Rice, and decided then and there to do whatever it takes to defeat this simp. Like creating fun graphics like the "Dayton Defeat Clock" on the right margin this page. It will be my goal to display this or some other reminder of KAR's total commitment to "Senator Department Store's" drubbing somewhere visible on the blog until the happy day that he is shown the door out of his DC office (if he hasn't already abandonned the place because of a storm warning or a fire drill.) I also want to point out that a fellow blogger has devoted an ENTIRE BLOG to this effort, though I am sure our intrepid readers are aware of the site, as 'tuned in' as they tend to be. In any event, it is my pleasure to link Dayton v Kennedy here and point out that he is already well entreanched and ready to do battle. A more worthy cause I cannot imagine. Look for more Dayton updates here and at other Minnesota blogs near you!

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