Friday, January 28, 2005

KAR Historic Moment

No, it's not because Bill actually posted TWICE within a 24 hour period.

I'm killing a post.

A couple of days ago I was incensed by yet another moonbat characterizing 52% of the electorate as mouth-breathing Neandertals (and yes, that is the correct spelling of "Neanderthal"). I posted a piece that was rather aggressive without being balanced by my trade mark cheekiness. It was instigated by a confluence of anger, sleep-deprivation and my furnace making noises that put me in the fear that it was about to turn my house into a flaming ball of death. It resulted in a coarseness that continues to make me feel dirty, even though that RAY WARNER GUY IS A CONDESCENDING -

LearnedFoot's Anger Counselor: Easy, Foot. Calm yourself by writing a haiku.


Cute fuzzy puppies
Yipping, pawing at my feet
Please don't hump my leg.
OK I'm better now. Anyhoo I'm killing the post because:
1) I fear that I inspired a level of vitriol, that resulted in an overall coarseness and led some to possibly insult innocent bystanders in addition to Ray.
2) Doug's comment indicated that he misapprehended the point of of the post. This is not a statement on his intelligence (which you'd note is considerable if you've ever read his blog), but it did speak to the quality of my writing. Certain local columnists would see it the other way around, and would do so without editorial oversight. Take this as an indication that I am a bigger man (in all ways, if you know what I mean - oh that was just unnecessary) of certain local columnists.
So I'm killing the comments (thanks to all who posted them by the way - even the troll.), and I'm redacting the post to something simpler. Something that allows Ray's piece of crap letter speak for itself.
With that ugliness out of the way: stay tuned - I've got a Powerline update and Nick Coleman on my plate for today.

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