Thursday, January 27, 2005

METHinks a moron is afoot

The Minneapolis Star Tribune regularly makes a point of publishing letters from readers that help support the paper's left-leaning agenda. Here is proof positive that the 'Strib' will put in any letter, no matter how insanely delusional the writer, in order to advance the notion that Governor Pawlenty and President Bush are the problem. For those of you who have read this letter already in the paper, it cannot be read too many times. For those for whom this forum will be the first time they have seen this letter, get ready to go nuts:

Fighting meth foolishly

"Gov. Tim Pawlenty's State of the State speech left me wondering how he could succeed in getting tough on methamphetamine use at the same time he seeks to limit state health insurance to those who really need it.
[You've already stuck your foot in your mouth, moron. God forbid we limit access to a government program to only those who really need it!]
Anyone who needs UCare or state sponsored health insurance lacks the sort of quality employment that offers health insurance. [Here it comes folks. Get ready...] Selling meth is a cheap, easy way to make money for citizens stuck in such low paying jobs. Being deprived of health insurance will only intensify the drive to sell meth in order to [here it comes...] cover family medical bills or other necessities. [THERE IT IS! Drug dealers are not dealing meth and crack to make a profit. They are selling meth and crack to pay "family" medical bills. There is more...]
Balancing the budget on the backs of the marginally insured is likely to make the methamphetamine problem worse, not better. [It's Pawlenty's fault people are drug dealers. Not the parents of the low-life, not the guardians, Pawlenty.]
Minnesota was recently rated the healthiest state in the country - and logically, also boasts the highest proportion of citizens with health insurance. Which state had the lowest percentage of uninsured citizens? [Let's see, moron. Judging by the tone of your letter, and the fact that you have gone into three paragraphs without taking an obligatory shot at the president, I'm going to guess Texas.] The answer is no surprise: Texas."

Mary B. Sebas, Sartell, Minn.

There ya go, loyal readers. The Star Tribune obviously thought this point-of-view needed to be heard. Such thoughtful, studied analysis deserves to have its day in print, and the 'Strib' never disappoints. Hide Mary! We've got the mantel of leadership for the next four years.

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