Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Minions with Opinions

Another day, another opportunity to excoriate another miserable conSTRIButor (Star Tribune opinion contributor.) Here's a target-rich letter (as with all KAR commentary, brackets are mine):

No thanks to them

A Jan. 8 letter writer states that "the dillegence of men like Gonzales and outgoing Attorney eneral John Ashcroft has prevented the nightmare of 9/11 from recurring," an assertion that relies on specious and disingenuous reasoning. [TRANSLATION - I hate Gonzales and Ashcroft because they are part of the Bush Machine, so this line of reasoning must be specious and disingenuous.]

In the 225 years of U.S. history before Sept. 11, 2001, there were no comparable terrorist attacks on our soil either. [1993 World Trade Center bombing, Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, U.S. Embassy bombings in ...] And the absence of such attacks in the three years since does not in any way demonstrate that one is not being planned against us now. [Take the foot, get it into position...]
In fact, our ill-conceived war in Iraq and our torture [?] of Iraqi prisoners have served only to infalme terrorist sentiment against us. [PUT FOOT IN MOUTH! Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume then that they have tried to attack us, but may have in fact been thwarted?]
I would remind the letter writer that 9/11 occurred on Ashcroft's watch [EIGHT MONTHS INTO HIS TERM!!!] and that he had repeated warnings of possible terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, threats which he and President Bush refused to take seriously.

Joyce Denn, Woodbury, MN.

Talk about specious and disingenuous reasoning!

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