Thursday, January 13, 2005

Moonbats will be thick on inauguration day

Flipping around the dial last night, I came across CSPAN and a press conference about all of the events that are being planned to protest the inauguration of President Bush for his second term. One 'organizer' of this event - Nancy Shia of the group Critical Mass - really had to be seen to be believed. What caused me to cease my futile search for quality programming in the cable desert was the image of this Shia person, standing at a podium wearing a beret with a red star on the front. Now this is a free country, and I am not about to suggest that someone can't go around dressing like one of the party loyalists from the Peoples Republic of China. Here's the only thing I want to understand: Why is it that all of these Critical Mass and New Dawn types try so hard to cultivate a look reminiscent of the denizens of Communist dictatorships? Isn't it contrary to everything they claim to stand for, like "Power to the People" and all that stuff, to nurse an affectation for subjugation? I really do wish I could provide a picture, but my google search was also futile. Anyway, here's what's in store for inauguration day. Check out all the groups that will be represented. That's another thing: Why do all these 'counter-culture' groups take names that imply huge constituencies of the discontented and disenfranchised? Critical Mass, NOW, Dawn, Turn Your Back On Bush, etc. My favorite is Pagan Cluster. What the Hell is that?! Are they going to see if they can call upon the gods of winter to bring darkness and cold upon the land as punishment for our unwise choice last November? Weirdos.

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