Thursday, January 20, 2005

Moron Mail

One of the hallmarks of the Kool Aid Report is the regular trashing of troglodytes who write in to the opinion page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Today's feature letter is written by one Steve Aldrich of St. Louis Park, MN., and is indicative of the idiocy which pervades the left in this state and the nation. My comments will be in [brackets]:

A little defensive

"If not for Roger Moe and Tim Penny splitting the votes of real Minnesotans, [STOP RIGHT THERE, STEVIE! I recall that Moe and Curly, er Penny TOGETHER garnered about 52% of the
vote total, with Pawlenty taking close to 47%. So are you saying that nearly half of us in the voting public in this state are not 'real' Minnesotans? Of course that's what you're saying. How about if I come over there and flick your ear you little brat?!] Tim Pawlenty might be making coffee and answering phones at the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. [They're doing good work at the Taxpayers League. A guy could do worse than making coffee and answering phones, or do you disparage decent, honest work too Stevie?]
If 'no new taxes' is a core value and part of 'mainstream' Minnesota, why does the governor sound so defensive about it every time he mentions it in public?" [Maybe it's because every time he does, the usual cast of misfits like YOU, moonbat, jumps all over him for neglecting the forgotten people, like career criminals, drug addicts, and welfare lifers!]

Steve Aldrich, St. Lois Park, MN.

Thanks Steve for being a part of KAR Moron Mail. For your appearance here today, you will receive an autographed picture of Learned Foot, and a lifetime supply of Karkov vodka. Just stay drunk the rest of your life Steve. Let the critical thinkers worry about state governance and all of the other big issues.

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