Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Once Again From the Top...


In September of 2003, Molly Ivins wrote this (emphasis mine):

As we march bravely toward oceans of red ink (leaving behind no problem for future presidents or future generations), we also face a looming crisis in Social Security.

Not to pile on, but to prevent another imputed act of plagerism from Power Line, I offer this quote from a column Ivins wrote in JUNE of 2003 (emphasis mine):

We can do away with unemployment, the uninsured, heart disease, obesity, and the coming Social Security crunch.

And now today, January 18, 2005, showing that she has no regard for her own credibility as long as there are mindless left-wing editorial boards at major newspapers across the country who will unquestioningly purvey her crap, Ivins again shows that her world view of Social Security's state changed on November 3, 2004:

Let's try this again, slowly, for those who, like the president, seem to be having difficulty with reality. Social Security will not be bankrupt, will not be flat bust in 2042 or 2052 or even, as the president has also claimed, by 2018...

I am sorry to disillusion any young people, who according to polls do not think Social Security will be there for them, but for once the pessimists are wrong: It will be.

Difficulty with reality, Molly? Seems to me your reality is defined by who is in the White House.

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