Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Once in a Blue Moon(bat)

It's not very often that I have nothing to say. There's very little material out there to angry up the blood. Looking around, I see that I'm not alone: The Fraters have been silent today, and powerline has only managed to eke out FOUR MEASLY POSTS at the time of this posting.


Oh wait. What's this?

COLUMBUS, Ohio - One voter didn't see any signs of fraud on Election Day but was suspicious of the results. Another was surprised by long lines in her suburban city, where voting was always quick in the past.

Others were angered by having to wait hours to vote in black neighborhoods. Some left in frustration without casting their ballots.

In all, 37 voters in this swing state are challenging President Bush's Nov. 2 victory over Democratic Sen. John Kerry. They want Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer to set aside the election results.

So now the law allows a cause of action for having to wait in line????????

A cause of action for SUSPICION of fraud????????

I have gotta get me a lawyer and start suing. I can take down that cinema where I had to wait in line for 2 hours to see "Return of the Jedi." Then I can go after that Musicland which forced me to camp out in the parking lot overnight just so I could be #7 in line for tickets to the Rush concert. Oh, and I'm going to sue THE SHIT out of that McDonald's that shorted me two cheeseburgers at the drive-thru last week! I SUSPECT FRAUD!!!

Oh baby! I'm gonna be rich!

Back to Planet Earth: Nick Coleman should have a new column tomorrow. Just what the doctor ordered.

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