Monday, January 31, 2005

A picture sure to rattle opponents of freedom in Iraq and here

I love this picture. Freedom loving people everywhere cannot help but love this picture. It represents the sacrifice of a lot of fine people - particularly U.S. military personnel and Iraqi citizens. It also represents a stake through the heart of the enemies of the Iraqi people and free people around the world. Yes, there will be more viloence and attacks directed at the source of this fledgling democracy. These enemies will not go softly into the dark night. But make no mistake about it, they have been beaten. They have been beaten, and things will be getting much better in Iraq and the Middle East from here on in. There are a lot of people to thank for this wonderful gift of freedom the Iraqi people have been given - too many people to thank. I would like to at least help the cause by pointing out those who not only deserve NO thanks, but actually were as formidable an obstacle to this goal as the terrorists. This day happened in spite of your efforts, and in spite of your hatred of freedom, except the freedom to be perverse:

Michael Moore

Ted Kennedy

George Soros

Jaques Chirac

Koffi Annan

Barbara Boxer

Robert Redford

Ed Asner

Whoopi Goldberg


God Bless America!


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