Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poll Positions

The first ever KAR poll has closed. Our crack staff of statisticians have crunched the numbers. Here is a summary of the results:
  • In a statistical smackdown of Biblical proportions, 71% of pollees said that LearnedFoot is the paragon of virtue, an innocent victim and quite possibly the heir apparent to Power Line in the blogosphere, once Power Line begins its inevitable fall into obscurity;
  • 9% of respondents opined that both LearnedFoot and Power Line "can both go to hell." Our team of independent statisticians interpreted this vote to be the functional equivalent of "Power Line can go to hell";
  • John Hinderocker accounted for 4% of the total votes cast; and
  • In an interesting statistical juxtaposition, Power Line's credibility was outstripped by V-Toed-Bill's hotness by a 3 to 2 ratio.

Thanks to all 10 of you who voted!

I have posted a new poll regarding the events of last Saturday night. One vote is allowed per computer, per day. The poll will remain open until I receive a result that I want.

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