Friday, January 14, 2005

Powerline Ignores KAR in Favor of Some Other Guy

Yesterday, Hindrocket took a nightstick to Molly Ivins' head for her latest outrage masquerading as "journalism" regarding Social Security. I had already addressed Molly Ivins' disingenuousness last week, so I dropped the Rocketman a line -WITHIN TEN MINUTES OF HIS POST - indicating that there was more to the story than just Ivins' typical liberal inability to comprehend numbers. Thought I'd be nice and help out the guys who brought down Dan Rather.
Instead, The Rocket man gives a hat tip for the same information to some guy who probably got it from my post (given my methodology for finding Ivins' September 2003 article, this is not merely paranoia).

Perhaps Rocketman feared that linking to (or even acknowledging) a blog as, uh, edgy as the KAR would be a blow to Powerline's gravitas. Was it the use of the word 'blogasm'? That I called Ivins' a 'Texas Steer'?

Only Hindrocket and some suspected KAR reader named Rich Waldis know for sure.

Credit where it's due, Rich...

Did I mention that my post on this very subject was LAST FRIDAY?

I did? Good.

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