Friday, January 21, 2005

A Ray of Hope Emerges From the Moron Mail Morass

It was a banner day for inanity in the letters section of the Strib, beginning with this putridity:

On our National Day of Embarrassment, each of the president's three constituencies celebrated in its own way.

The Rich were much in evidence. Though they had to pay to party, they could be sure of a good return on the investment.

The Ideologues (apart from the vice president) stayed behind the scenes. With wars to plan and peoples to free, the whole globe is their inaugural ball.

The Gullible, whom the Rich and the Ideologues manipulated yet again, watched the festivities on TV -- admiring the rhetoric, coveting the gorgeous gowns and praying to God their children will not be sent to Iraq.

F.T. Kettering, Northfield, Minn.

Of course this is in contradistinction to the Democrat's core constituencies: the lazy, the apathetic, the stupid and the wild-eyed Communists.

Gee, could you talk down to me more, Mr. Kettering? Could you talk down to 52% OF THE FRICKING POPULATION just a little bit more? You asshole.

But just when you've waded through a bunch of letters like that one that make your eyes bleed, a refreshing voice of reason emerges. A voice obviously informed by this very blog:

Beyond Boxer and WMD
I was embarrassed to watch Sen. Barbara Boxer in the hearings for Condoleezza Rice. Not only did she appear as a petulant, bloviating, spiteful partisan, but her command of the facts was extremely lacking. This was evident when she stated that the congressional vote for war was based solely on evidence of WMD.

She did this in order to portray Rice as a liar. Either Boxer doesn't understand exactly what she voted on or she is, in fact, the liar. The resolution actually cited at least seven reasons, separate and distinct from weapons of mass destruction:

• Iraq's harboring of Al-Qaida terrorists.

• Iraq's support for international terrorism.

• Iraq's "brutal repression" of its citizens.

• Iraq's failure to repatriate or give information on non-Iraqi citizens detained and captured during Gulf War I, including an American serviceman.

• Failing to properly return property wrongfully seized during the Kuwait invasion.

• The attempted assassination of former President Bush in 1993.

• America's national security interests in restoring peace and stability to the Persian Gulf.

James M. Pitzner, Maple Grove.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh wait: I did.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this ideologue has a war to plan.

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