Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Some Administrative Matters

  • Don't forget to take the poll regarding the ongoing (and one-sided - Power Line is afraid to counterpunch) feud between Power Line and Your Humble Vituperater. I even included an answer choice for V-Toed-Wife, so nobody has an excuse for not participating. One vote per day is allowed. Make sure you vote early and often as Power Line is sure to send forth its ballot-box-stuffing minions just as it did in the Wizbang Best Blog contest. Early results show that Power Line is getting its ass handed to it (8 to 0. Woo hoo!)
  • Some may be wondering how to recognize us at the upcoming MOB gala. Many readers complained that my description here was not specific enough. While there are no images of me on the internet, I was able to find one of Bill (link removed due to a scary number of central Europeans coming to this site via Google image searches for Fabio). Hope it helps.

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