Monday, January 10, 2005

Where's Bill?

Frequent visitors may have noticed a dearth of posts by V-Toed-Bill lately. To preempt the flood of e-mails that is sure to come asking about his whereabouts, I will update you on Bill's situation.

Nothing is wrong with Bill. He is merely very busy at work. And, in the time he has to work on the blog, he is mainly doing behind-the-scenes stuff ("A better blog makes for more efficient fisking"). This week, Bill will be traveling on "business" to Las Vegas. Apparently there is a trade show there this week that has something to do with Bill's industry. As Bill is a major muckety-muck in his company's Sales and Marketing (S & M) department, he was one of the first to be assigned to the trade show.

Which is rather ironic because Bill is a very clean-living guy: he doesn't drink, smoke or gamble. Outside this blog and his family, S & M is his life. I'm sure Bill will have a fine time in Las Vegas, despite his forbearance of that city's principal vices, because he will have the opportunity to mingle with a large and diverse crowd of other S & M types. As far as Bill's industry is concerned, for the next three days, Vegas will be the S & M capitol of the world. Bill will be able to partake in S & M seminars, and he will have the opportunity to learn new, cutting-edge S & M techniques. Before he left, Bill mentioned to me that he was very excited to enhance his S & M experience. He acknowledged that S & M can be a "jealous mistress" that requires constant attention and learning. Sometimes the toll of being an S & M professional can leave you mentally exhausted and even a little sore.

Join me in wishing Bill godspeed on his trip. And in case you were wondering: Bill and I will be attending the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers on the 22nd. Bill will be available to autograph his latest book: Finding Personal Fulfillment and Gratification as an S & M Professional.

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