Monday, January 03, 2005

Who has egg on their face now?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune - so often the foil of KAR - ran an editorial (Our Perspective, they call it) soon after the Tsunami tragedy implying that the U.S., in general, and President Bush specifically needed to do more to show how much the U.S. 'cared' about the people stricken by the callamity. The 'Strib' could not even wait a week to see what the coordinated U.S. response would be before letting Bush have it for not being out front in this effort. Now here we are a week past the event and it has been announced that the U.S. will contribute $350 million to the relief effort, and has named former presidents Bush and Clinton to jointly head-up a private fund raising effort to provide even more financial fire-power for the region. Isn't this about what everyone expected, given the enormity of this disaster? And wasn't it a little premature for the Star Tribune - only two days after the event - to assume the original monetary promise from the U.S. would be the extent of this country's involvement? The fact is they just couldn't wait until the wheels began to turn on this thing; they needed to get an editorial out that was critical of Bush simply because they had an opening. Waiting for the pieces to fall into place would not have supported their position.

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