Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Korea Kim and The Carrot

The lefties at the Star & Sickle today suggested President Bush hold out a carrot to Korea Kim and ask him nicely to put down his nukes. I agree, to a point.

In my world the carrot will have a lead pipe insert and W will beat the little bastard over the head with it.

Let’s get real, shall we. Kim didn’t violate the noted Clinton/Albright Framework because he didn’t get the promised aid. Like all good Commies, he had no intention of living up to his end of the bargain.

The only thing this guy understands threat of violence and death. It’s how he runs his country and it’s how W should deal with him.

As usual, the S&S illustrates one of the glaring problems afflicting the left; if we simply play nice with our enemies they will like us.

One problem, two answers. One answer is simple, the other simplistic

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