Sunday, February 27, 2005

UPDATE: Nihilist v. Wetterling

Patty Wetterling shocked the local political world with an announcement she made on Friday, which carried all the hallmarks of Wetterling's self assuredness and steadfastness that Minnesotans became familiar with during her last bid for political office:

In the upcoming weeks I will form an exploratory committee to further look into this option [of running for the U.S. Senate].

When probed by reporters as to why - OH WHY - she considered running for the Senate rather the 6th District US House of Representatives seat - a nomination she was all but guaranteed - she shocked the press conference attendees:

My focus, as always, is to determine where I can best advocate for children(*) and families.

Regarding the offer of Wetterling's proposed governmental largesse, Children and Families could not be reached for comment. They were too busy living their lives.

When pressed by reporters as to what her stance was on other issues facing the country, like the looming Social Security crisis and the war against Islamo-fascism, she replied, "Huh?"

Wetterling's other likely opponent in the Sixth, A Chocolate Cupcake, refused to comment on this development.

We here at Nihilist for Congress Headquarters are keeping an eye on this, and will keep you posted...

* Other than children that haven't yet been born. Kill as many of those as you like.

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