Thursday, March 31, 2005


Congratu-damn-lations you nanny-state loving, freedom hating – there I said it, toe suckers.

You got your freaking smoking ban and now you’re all gonna live forever.

The paternalistic puss these freaks discharge in support their choking off of other’s rights is makes me wretch.

Public health, my ass. I’ve yet to find one restaurant/bar worker or patron who was forced to enter. Show me the bartender or waitress who has a gun to their head and I’ll be happy to support the ban. Until then shut your sphincters.

If they want to live in your cloistered biosphere, I say go for it. I’ll help them find the land and will lend a hand building their Utopia.

Nick-boy’s old lady is quite smug at the enactment of the smoking ban. No, smug is not the word. Condescending is more like it.

She is a first class example of the incrementalist, anti-Federalist mentality that saturates the Left in this country.

If Frau Coleman had her way Washington DC would be the center of power. Better yet, let’s have Kofi running the world.


I used to think the Left was rife with morons – I see now that I was wrong. On the contrary, their one and only goal is to use the power of government to engineer the world they want to live in.

To the biosphere with them.

Let’s purge them from our midst. They are wrong headed evil freaks who are destroying our world by trying to save it. Kiss your freedom goodbye.

Fast food is next so, if you’re a bit overweight, you can expect to be assigned to a “workout camp” sometime soon.

Here’s my suggestion. Since smoking in bars and restaurants (with some exceptions in St. Paul) is no longer allowed, I suggest finding a local watering hole and asking the folks next to you if they are among the nonsmokers who are coming out of their caves. If they answer yes, put in a big old plug of chewing tobacco and spit, and spit, and spit until that empty pint glass is full.

No public health issues there.

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