Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blow Me

Some people really piss me off. I was going to comment on the Grow’s column, but decided against it after hearing Mr. Rueff on Krock Talk last night.

My conclusion? He is what Doug Grow called a “wild-eyed, tender-eared progressives who has no appreciation for personal rights, property rights, or the rights to make noise and blow dust.”

He’s also a bald-faced liar.

My evidence is his words.

First, Mr. Rueff said he first noticed the noise when he was “playing hooky” from work.
Having not noticed the noise prior to this time I concluded that the offending blowers are normally operational at a time when he is not home to be bothered. Yet he still wants “a full ban” on the equipment.

Second, Mr. Rueff, like all good lefties, decided to do some research on the dangers posed by leaf blowers. He found himself at the website of what he called a “grassroots California organization that lead the fight to ban blowers in L.A.” – of course the city can still use them. If it’s grassroots and based in California, the only logical conclusion is that the group is your typical Socialist environmental group that, surprise, has no use for private property rights.

Third, and most damning is when our dear Mr. Rueff said, in consecutive statement, that his goal is a “full ban on leaf blowers” and that the issue is “a matter of personal rights and the greater good and finding a balance between the two.”

I’m sorry, did you just say that taking away my leaf blower is striking a balance between personal rights and what you consider to be “the greater good?”

Were you born an imbecile or did you learn it in school?

Let me define the word balance for you. From the Encarta Dictionary: Balance is a state in which various elements form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest.

Seems to resemble the situation at hand, with the exception that you have no intention of allowing one of the elements, leaf blowers, to exist in any proportion.

Now I’m going to rant.


Did you really say, "There are people who don't accept the notion of a greater good. They don't see that what happens on their own property impacts their neighbor."

Perhaps the reason you never heard a leaf blower in the neighborhood before skipping out of work is because your neighbors do give a damn and only use them during the day when you are at work.

Did you ever bother to ask them? I didn’t think so.

As for your clouds of dust and particulates: You got nothing. No science – other than the Junk variety – to back you up.

Most leaf blowers operate – I’m guessing – less than 10 hours a year. How much damage are they going to do running 10 of the 8,760 hours in a year?

People like you make me sick because you truly believe that your vision of the world is the correct one and that any deviation from it needs to be corrected by any means necessary.

As for your being a liar: I don’t believe for one minute that you have no opinion on the proposed smoking bans.

Your type is genetically incapable of staying out of passing up any opportunity to engineer society to fit your utopian view.

You’ve inspired me, my dear Leftist friend. When I arrive home this evening, I’m going to assemble my new gas powered Craftsman leaf blower, fill it with that lovely mixture of fuel and oil, fire it up in your honor and find something to blow.

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