Thursday, March 17, 2005


CAUTION: The following contains an extremely long run-on sentence.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is the day that some people who style themselves as though they have just gotten off the boat from Sligo toting their their only worldly possessions (a bag o' potatoes) simply because one of their grandparents was Irish and they own a Pogues CD, and despite the fact that they have names that sound not-at-all Irish, like "Rick Toleman", take the opportunity to get wildly drunk (or in the Irish vernacular, "pissed up") by 10:00 am and then run over some innocent pedestrian (who is probably more Irish than they are) while driving home.

I am going to do myself a favor and lock myself in my house (with a case of beer and a gallon-jug of green dye) and slip into a basketball coma.

Here are my upset picks for the tournament, on the record, so I can brag about it later. Or delete this post if I'm wrong:
  • Illinois will lose in the final 8 to Oklahoma State
  • Wisconsin-Milwaukee will stun the nation by making it to the round of sixteen
  • George Washington eliminates Georgia Tech in the first round
  • NC State knocks off Charlotte in the first round
  • And my Penzoil Five-Star Lock of the Week: Texas Tech to the Sweet Sixteen

Not that I have any vested interest in any of these results. Gambling is illegal.

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